About Us

Triad Micro Devices (TMD), a division of Triad Semiconductor, is a fabless semiconductor manufacturer dedicated to creating and providing analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits exclusively for the aerospace and defense industry.

Triad Micro Devices analog & mixed-signal integrated solutions offer A&D companies a disruptive edge in optimizing SWaP for long-term critical missions and evolving space communication programs. The company’s products are developed utilizing industry-standard EDA tools by experts in full-custom IC design, combined with proprietary techniques for accelerating time to market, while reducing qualification time and providing a lower total cost of acquisition.

Strong Heritage in the
Aerospace & Defense Industry

TMD emerges from a distinguished lineage, born out of Triad Semiconductor’s extensive R&D legacy in the aerospace and defense sector. For over a decade, Triad has been a catalyst for innovation, collaborating with partners such as the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) and Air Force Research Labs (AFRL) to pioneer high-reliability mixed-signal integrated circuit technology. Today, TMD is delivering this disruptive capability to the A&D market, built upon the robust foundation laid by Triad. TMD is focused to serve exclusively the nuanced needs of the aerospace and defense market to propel these sectors into a future where innovation is accelerated, SWaP integration goals are achieved, and Total Cost of Ownership is optimized.

Advanced Analog & Mixed-Signal ViArray™ Integrated Solutions Technology

ViArray platforms are built using TMD’s patented analog/mixed-signal fabric. This fabric provides on-chip configurability from transistor-level device primitives to top-level interconnect using a single mask layer. ViArrays obviate the need for manual, expensive, and error-prone full-custom designs. The ability to completely design an analog and mixed-signal IC with a single mask layer enables TMD to deliver significant time-to-working-silicon and time- to-qualified-silicon advantages. Additionally, ViArrays can address unforeseen changes, albeit bugs or feature requests rapidly and cost effectively. Every IC produced utilizing MIL-PRF-38535 qualified platforms can be rapidly tested and ready for production, qualifying it swiftly for use in government applications. This minimizes risk while accelerating time to market. TMD’s ViArrays exemplify our unwavering emphasis on quality and long-term reliability.

Key Benefits

Achieve SWaP

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No EOL Issues
25+ Years Supply

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