Why Triad Micro Devices?

Triad Micro Devices Solutions for Devices
End-of-Life / Obsolescence Issues

One of the primary concerns for the defense sector is the mismatch between the product lifecycle of defense systems and commercially available integrated solutions. Defense systems typically have long lifecycles, often exceeding 20 or even 25 years. In contrast, the lifecycle of commercially available integrated solutions is typically much shorter. This disparity means that components can become obsolete before the defense system reaches its end of life, leading to significant operational and maintenance issues.

Proven History and Commitment to Long-Term Integrated Solutions Supply

With TMD solutions, multiple discrete Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) parts, each with their own EOL schedules, can be consolidated into a single device. This consolidation not only simplifies system design and enhances performance, but also ensures a longer, more predictable component supply life. TMD guarantees the availability of its solutions for up to 25 years, aligning with the lifespan of defense systems, thereby addressing the EOL issue head-on.

Securing the Semiconductor Supply Chain

TMD, with its USA-based operations, is perfectly positioned to offer this security. By choosing TMD’s ViArray integrated solutions, defense contractors not only receive a high performance, long-lifecycle component, but also benefit from a secure domestic supply chain. This assurance strengthens the defense industry’s ability to build and maintain systems without concern for international supply chain disruptions or foreign sourcing risks.

Performance Continuity of Supply and Supply Chain Security

TMD’s integrated solutions offer
a balance of high performance, extended lifecycle, and supply chain security that is uniquely suited to the needs of the aerospace and defense industry. By addressing the concerns around component EOL and supply chain security, TMD empowers A&D contractors to focus on what they do best: developing cutting-edge solutions for high-reliability applications.

Complete Analog & Mixed-Signal

Integrated Solutions Partner

Experienced Team

  • Analog and mixed-signal system integration experts
  • Analog and digital, layout, packaging, test, production,
    and product engineers

Advanced Integrated Solutions
Platform Technology

  • Patented Platform Analog & Mixed-Signal Solutions
    Technology offering disruptive advantages in time-tomarket,
    development cost, and flexibility
  • Platform approach to integrated solutions design
    where appropriate
  • Rich library of platforms, circuits, and building block IP

Certifications, Quality, and Reliability

  • Standards/certifications/classifications: ISO 9001, MIL-STD-883, JEDEC 47, MIL-PRF-38535, QML, ITAR Registered
  • High-reliability, expanded temperature range: -55C
    to 125C
  • Radiation tolerance and hardness: TID, SEL/SEU, ELDRS, and Prompt Dose for high-rel applications
  • Gov-Cloud AWS isolated development and
    operations environment

Packaging Solutions

  • 3-pin to 313-pin examples
  • Flip Chip on Lead
  • Plastic encapsulated
  • Hermetic, high-reliability
  • Modules with die, active devices & passives

Semiconductor Supply Chain

  • Domestic and international wafer foundries
  • Domestic and international packaging
  • In-house, domestic and international product test development and testing
  • Robust distribution options